Public Relations Candidates FAQs

Public Relations FAQsThis set of Public Relations FAQs, answered by director at EASTWEST PR Jim James covers some questions candidates might have after joining an agency or deciding which agency to join. These public relations new hire questions are timeless – they were relevant 20 years go and will relevant 20 years from now. The questions and answers are:

  1. Is it best to work in a small or large PR agency? Jim lists the pros and cons of working in both, but really at the end of the day it’s up to you.
  2. How is being a student and employee different? As an employee, you are now accountable for more than just yourself or your family or teachers. With this accountability comes responsibility. Finally a salary, or remuneration is a big difference.
  3. What should I look for when choosing an agency to work for? First, find out if the agency’s industry focus is something you want to be working in. Next, discover your growth opportunities. But make sure you like your line manager because, "People join companies but leave people."
  4. Where will I earn more, a large or a small agency? To answer this, think about what you want to earn now, think about what you want to earn in the future, but keep in mind that wherever you end up is all due to personal preference.
  5. What is employee probation? To both employee and employer, probation is risk free, full of opportunities to test the waters, and extremely valuable to gauge interest.
Watch the video that answers where an employee will earn more, large or small:

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