Reaching an Even Wider China Audience

Prexpress ( is a commercial newswire service vendor that provides a press release distribution platform website for our clients and is able to broadcast to its 8,000 member journalists in China. In order to use the service, register as a corporate member, then with just one required validation call, you can begin using the system. By distributing the press release through Prexpress, we can tag it under 14 industries to better target relevant journalists. The industries are defined as: IT, Fashion, Education, Real Estate, Tourism, Finance, Healthcare, Culture, Auto, Consumer Electronics, Circulation, Communications, Non-profit Organizations and Energy & Natural Resources. Other than distributing press releases online, Prexpress also provides a host of additional services. Subscribe to press release: you can define the industries you are looking for and subscribe to it with your e-mail address and that of our consultants. Press releases that are distributed by others within our target industries will go directly to our mailbox. Build up a press room: EASTWEST can create a press room for our clients with their logo, videos, briefings, updates and PR contacts. Journalists can get to know more about our clients through the hub and build up a strong rapport. Event announcements: we can put our event information online and get noticed. Editorial plan: the media can share their editorial plans, which are only accessible to corporate members. Coverage tracking: media tracking and click report. We here at EASTWEST PR have our own internal JRM system built into Connect to distribute releases and manage results. However, this kind of portal can be a good complementary source and help our clients to reach an even greater audience.

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