Renren for business?

Is Renren an appropriate platform for B2B marketing? My first answer would be a straight "no" for a least 3 reasons:

  1. RenRen’s target audience is made of university student, which are rarely the main target of a B2B marketing strategy in China.
  2. is saturated with ads from brands such as BMW, China Mobile Communications, Estée Lauder and Mercedes- Benz, which makes it difficult for B2B marketer to reach their target audience and get real visibility.
  3. Other platforms like Sina Weibo and Youku offer branded accounts where a company can describe its products, share videos and white papers or introduce its spokespeople.

Like Facebook, RenRen (formerly XiaoNei) started small as a networking site exclusive to university students and ultimately dominated that market. Today, Renren, translated as ‘Everyone’, is China’s No.1 social networking site. The most successful competitor is Kaixin001, or ‘happy’. Kaixin001 has targetted white-collar workers – techies, media types and young professionals. The future will tell if it become a more suitable platform for B2B marketing. Like your typical social networking site, Renren users post messages via a central dialogue box. Games, applications, music and videos are accessed on a sidebar menu. Renren aims to increase users through music, wireless and location sharing services. Studies show that Chinese university students now get more information via Renren’s news feed than they do from search engines or other traditional news sources. Renren also aims to boost sales through, the Chinese version of Groupon. Having said that, I am happy to receive your comments about using RenRen as a marketing tool for B2B in China. Click here to continue the conversation  

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