SEO Best Practices For A New Website

SEO: Key Tool for Website Traffic!

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is a way to keep an organization’s website visible on search engines to reach their target audience. Ranking on the top of the search engine results page results in higher traffic to an organization’s website.  There are On-Page SEO practices and Off-Page SEO practices. On-Page SEO is something which is controllable by the webmaster hence the content should preferably be  unique and interesting to the target audience. Off-Page SEO are the external factors affecting the website traffic which are usually not within the control of the webmaster. There are also many factors affecting the SEOs ranking, just to name the top few; title tag, meta tag, hyperlinks and social media.

Keywords should ideally be found in the title tag and the content of the website. All words used should contribute towards relevancy of the website and a particular point to note is the inclusion of the organization’s name in the title tag An important factor  to take note of, is never to ‘flood’ (stuff) your title tag with words as it would seem like spam to the Search engine. Another are meta tags. The difference between a meta tag and title tag is, title tags are mostly a short phrase containing organization’s name whereas the meta tag is the description which appears in the search results page for your users. The KISS (keep it short and simple) principle should be applied to this as it deters whether user will click on the link. Hyperlinks are also a good way of increasing the ranking of a website. The usual practice is, if you link out to other sites, in return they would also link to yours. Linking can also be done internally, example; linking the words in a recent blog post to one that was done in the past few months.

Social media, technically is not part of SEO but it is a way to drive traffic to a website. Social sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn allow people to share and re-tweet any information they find relevant or interesting. Linking different accounts and providing a button on the website provides a user-friendly and convenient browsing experience for the users.

In short, keywords and the content must be relevant and it is the most important aspect in SEO.  Search engines are always tweaking their ‘formula’ and the strategy used today in some cases may not apply tomorrow. Therefore organizations should always be on the lookout for changes in SEO practices. Always be on the ball as to what the changes are and keep your site up-to-date with it! For more information on SEO, do follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn! Source: Freelance Folder, iblogzone

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