SEO ranking factors

In this post, we will examine some of the most important SEO ranking factors used by Google to put a website on top of its search engine results. Getting on top of Google search result page has become the Holy Grail for every business that has embraced the online marketing approach. By optimizing you website, you have a chance to appear on the 1 st page of Google search results which obviously has a direct impact on your business because of the traffic that it generates hence the leads that come with it. So SEO has become a complex science. And search engine constantly refine their method to put the most relevant website and top. Today a long list of “quality” factors determines if your website deserve to be on this first page or not. Let’s take a look at the most important of these factors. Main POSITIVE ON-Page SEO Factors

  • Your keyword should be in the  URL
  • Your keyword should be in the Domain name, ie if you sell tropical fish as a core business
  • Your keyword should be in the headers (v H1, H2 and H3)as well as in the paragraph
  • Your keyword should be in the Title tag
  • Prominence: Your keyword should be at the top of page, in bold, in large font
  • Your keyword should be directly adjacent
  • Density: your keywords should represent 5 – 20% of all words used in your text

  Main Negative ON-Page SEO Google Ranking Factors

  • Text represented graphically is invisible to search engines
  • Don’t over optimize your website with too many repetitions of keywords, stuffing metatags, over use of headers
  • Avoid buying links
  • Don’t link to link farms
  • Don’t use bad words if you don’t need
  • Don’t copy articles or images from other websites
  • Don’t change your content too frequently
  • Avoid flash content
  • Be sure to remove any "no index" tag, that would tell search engines that you don’t want to be indexed
  • Don’t duplicate your content
  • Avoid huge fonts and flashy colors

Main POSITIVE OFF-Page SEO Google Ranking Factors

  • Improve your website page rank. That will influence the way search engines rank your website
  • Collect many good inbound links, especially from high-page rank websites
  • Don’t collect too many links in a very short time, that would look suspicious
  • The referring page’s keyword density needs to be relevant to your own keywords
  • Your link on the referring page needs to be on top of the page
  • Avoid links from website that aren’t related to your industry
  • Get your site listed in LookSmart Directory
  • Get listed by long-established sites
  • Get listed by big websites
  • Create bookmarks about your website

Main NEGATIVE OFF-Page SEO Google Ranking Factors  

  • Again, don’t buy links
  • Don’t do cloaking (Presenting one webpage to the search engine spider, and another webpage to everybody else)
  • Avoid links from affiliates
  • Be sure to have reliable server
  • Avoid to pay a company to create traffic

The list is long but by starting with these, you will already make a strong difference. Buying large, the secret is to try to put yourself in search engines’shoes: “What would I do if I had to rank a website as fairly as possible?” Contact us to learn how we can improve your website’s ranking on Google. Please fill this form to get an SEO proposal.

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