Should you be PRoactive or PRoductive when riding the PR bullet train?

PR is an unpredictable industry with decisions, actions and reactions being made by the minute. It can be changes to a press release, a speech or simply last minute changes by the media. Part and puzzle of working in the pr industry is the extensive amount of time required on any specific task so having good time management skills is crucial. But does good time management skill makes you a productive or a proactive individual? Merriam-Webster defines the word productive as having the quality or power of producing specially in abundance and defines proactive, as acting in anticipation of future needs, changes and problems. Compartmentalising your priorities is an effective way to be productive and get tasks completed in a given time but as priorities gets bigger, the amount of time needed to complete them becomes longer thus room to be proactive gets smaller. So most of the time we strive mostly to be productive to get tasks completed within a set deadline neglecting the need to be proactive knowing the fact that the public relations industry requires practitioners to be proactive as well as productive. Can you be PRoactively -PRoductive? The necessity to be proactive does not supersede the importance of being productive and when you think about it, being proactive can only be achieved if you are productive as productivity guarantees that tasks will be completed on time or ahead of schedule and from there, we can think of the next steps before undertaking other tasks which in fact is a proactive process. Being proactive can only be measured by our productivity, and riding the PR bullet train requires professionals to be productive so they can proactively anticipate future problems or find solutions. Thus, combining both is a matter of self-achievement and above all self-discipline.  Public Relations is a two-way communication profession and to be able to excel in this profession requires dedication, motivation and above all, time management skill.

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