Sina Weibo Launches English iPhone App Interface

Sina Weibo , China’s wildly popular microblog platform, has just updated its iPhone app with an English interface . As Sina Weibo continues to grow (100 million users so far), it will be interesting to see if it can successfully bring in non-Chinese users. Well, at least Tom Cruise joined, even before the English iPhone app version was introduced. We can expect more celebrities to jump onto the bandwagon with this new English interface. China, after all, is a huge market and Sina Weibo provides the perfect channel for celebrities to keep in touch with Chinese fans. As illustrated in the screenshot below, the Sina Weibo English app isn’t too different from its Chinese counterpart. The image was taken before I changed my Sina Weibo app interface to the English version. Other than that, it is business as usual for Sina Weibo iPhone app users. Source: Wall Street Journal

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