Sina Weibo on The Economist

The Economist The Economist The Economist, the English-language weekly news and international affairs publication, largely renowned as the leading news magazine which strives to take part in the severe contest for pressing forward human intelligence against ignorance, seems to start recognize the phenomenal Chinese microblog server Sina Weibo. On one of the articles on its June 18th, 2011 issue , Vote as I Say, it says, "Independent candidates (for the People’s Parliament) have mustered support using microblogging tools such as Sina Weibo, a hugely popular Twitter-like service."The article, Vote as I Say, tells the situation that with increasingly more Chinese people getting better educated and acknowledged to the concept of the right to vote and to be elected, more and more independent candidates are petitioning for a seat at the People’s Parliament recently. Even though the magazine shows a realistic, unpromising attitude toward this situation, it reveals its idea that the new stage, internet-based communication tools and social network, including the famous Sina Weibo, have been a strong factor which is influencing, changing and shaping our society to its every corner, politics included with no doubt, as it says, "A surge in online social networking has enabled citizens to connect instantly with vast numbers of like-minded people." sina weibo sina weibo The article also mentioned, probably not purposely, how influential Sina Weibo is now in China, "Intellectuals and journalists with high profiles online are among those who have declared their candidacies. Li Chengpeng, an author and social critic in Sichuan province, has more than 3 million followers of his Sina Weibo account. In a message posted on June 15th, Mr Li wrote that a policeman had said he would vote for him." The Economist probably didn’t realize that as one of the most prominent intellectual magazine worldwide, its circulation per issue is only 1.6 million, but Mr Li Chengpeng, one of the users of Sina Weibo, with more than 3 million followers, can reach out to two times as much as people than the Economist itself. A Sina Weibo account with 100 followers is like a story teller; one with 1,000 followers, a public lecturer; one with 10,000 followers, a local newspaper; one with 100,000, a national broadcast, and one with 1,000,000 followers, a personal The Economist. Believe it or not, this is the truth, the story, the phenomenon happening in the storied and phenomenal country, China. It seems that microblogging tools have already been a social influencer and shaper. Many changes in China and in the world must be attributed to them, and Sina Weibo is the particular one for China. The changes are happening at every corner: not only on politics, economy, people’s everyday life, but also on marketing operations and business activities as well. Sina Weibo is no longer an option for us, no matter as a person, a Parliament candidate or a business runner. It has been a necessity. We are experiencing the change. Seize it. Don’t let it go.

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