Social media doesn’t replace traditional SEO. It helps it.

Many have tried to measure the impact of social media content on search engines rankings. Some have even believed that tweets would be enough to build a solid page rank. Although social media content like tweets, Google+ updates adds weight to a web page, we need to keep in mind that modern search engines take many factors into consideration to assign a page rank to a website or a blog. Traditional SEO practices including content creation, external link building and on-page factors still lay the foundation for long-term ranking success. As shown in the graphic below, social media rests atop the other bases. Although the social aspect may be larger today than depicted in the past, we need to be careful not to flip the entire pyramid on its head. Sending tweets or Google updates will not guarantee long term ranking performance. A balanced combination of social media and technical SEO savvy still remains the best recipe for success.   Source:  Experiments on Google+ and Twitter Influencing Search Rankings

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