Social Media: Social Mobility and The Big Data

2012 is slated to be the year of the "big data" for  IT corporations and it seems that social media networks have become a big contributor to this data wave. Social media players such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest  among others have been experiencing an increase in user activities over the last 12 months. Instagram as of April 2012 has had more than 1 billion photos uploaded, 5 million of them shared daily on its platform and with the recent release of the app on the Android platform, Instagram is expected to surpass 100 million users within the next few months. (Source AllthingsD) Facebook has grown to more than 900 million active users, adding more than 200 million in a single year and there are more than 3.5 million pieces of content shared each week (Source hubspot) YouTube sees four billion video views globally every day. One hour of video is uploaded to YouTube  every second –  that’s 24 hours of video every 24 seconds, 60 hours a minute, 9 months every 2 hours, a decade every single day and a  century every 10 days.  (Source socialskinny) 2012 is the year of the big data but it is also a year where companies will invest in a multimedia strategy to get their brand visible via videos and photos and engage with their end-users beyond the textual sphere. The rise of the mobile culture has created a wave of opportunities for social media networks and the stats speak for itself. Social media networks will be riding that wave for the years to come. Want to learn more about EASTWEST PR Social Media services? Click here and we’ll tell you more.  

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