Social Media Trends and Predictions

In this post, mostly inspired by the work from Jeff Bullas, we give you a snapshot of social media trends and predictions.  

  1. Corporations will look to leverage their social media efforts
  2. People will communicate more using social media and less with email
  3. Social Media mobile marketing will takes off
  4. Google will “pagerank” and “map” peoples influence
  5. Social search will become increasingly important
  6. Sina Weibo will compete with Taobao for online shopping
  7. More companies will create branded social media accounts instead of website
  8. Mobile becomes a social media lifeline with people accessing social media via mobile phone during breaks due companies banning social media access at work
  9. Sharing information no longer means e-mail
  10. The Social Media  movement will desire to have quality, not quantity
  11. Exclusivity trumps accessibility  in Social Media
  12. Everyone becomes a marketer
  13. Tools will develop to reduce noise and deal with RSS overload
  14. Sina Weibo will become the Google doc/+/photos/etc. of Asia
  15. Friend synchronisation tools will develop
  16. Friend list sanitisers will keep your list clean
  17. Social Media tools will help you organise people based on location and business
  18. Organisations will continue to grapple with the social human web
  19. Social Media Indigestion will increase
  20. Social Media will become more personalised
  21. There will be consolidation and shuttering of Social media businesses
  22. Social Media Identity will become aggregated and segmented
  23. The social media gold rush won’t be as lucrative as everyone thought
  24. B2B goes social media
  25. There will be Social Media Multi-Channel Integration
  26. Google will buy Twitter
  27. Blogger outreach from PR will get better
  28. Companies increasingly crafting content for Social Media SEO
  29. Sputtering economy will entice companies into the social media space
  30. Microblogging in China will replace blogging
  31. Live as it happens content search will become increasingly important
  32. Better metrics for social media measurement will continue to develop
  33. Twitter will continue to develop legitimacy
  34. Online social media video will come into its own
  35. Customer satisfaction driven by social media communities uprising will make companies see the light
  36. Social media will create Ad Agency disintermediation
  37. Ushi becomes the Chinese LinkedIn
  38. With the rise of social shopping the ease with which people are able to see feedback .. with confirmed identities will change the eCommerce online shopping game
  39. Ranking The Influencers (the engagers) as a measurable tool for new media
  40. Twitter Will Get Recognized for its social search assets
  41. Twitter will start to emerge as a relevant and updated information source
  42. Influence will be defined by measurable variables


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