Standby Saver – Winners of BBA Award in China switch on electronic marketing

Tim Lindley receives the Award Ecotek, Winners of the  Most Promising Business of the Year Award at the British Business Awards in China, capitalized on their success by designing and issuing a 谢谢 (thank you) message as an e-dm which generated a response rate of 16.27% within 24 hours. Tim Lindley, Ecotek CEO  and John Wilkins, Ecotek CTO  with Michael Kao, Senior Quality Manager and Nick Rockliff, Production Director from Ecotek received the Award for the British designed product at a ceremony held in Beijing on Nov 3rd. Bi-lingual emailer

EASTWEST worked with EggplantDigital, co-incidentally also developers of the BBA site,  to produce an e-dm which was sent to people interested in British business in China within 7 days of the Awards. The e-dm was produced with a message from Tim written in English and Chinese, with graphics of the award and the standby saver.
Standby Saver is a 6-way energy saving extension socket, which allows the user to ’switch off’ and eliminate standby power consumption, for up to six appliances. One of the great features of internet marketing is the metrics which we can receive. In this case, within 24 hours there were 819 unique opens, a response rate of 16.27%, and 71 people clicked  through to the Ecotek and BBA site for more information. Increasingly we can generate content and track performance across the lifecycle of the press release or campaign. We can do this by embedding tags, links and by hosting the content for viewers to visit.

Viewing the reports for an e-dm

  Every event for a company creates opportunities for publicity, and in this case bilingual content, speed of delivery and creativity were keys to ensuring return on investment. The Standby saver is not yet launched in China, but the opportunistic use of the Awards and e-dm  provided a low cost way to guage market interest.

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