Bulletin Board – Feb ’17

Additive Manufacturing

EASTWEST would like to send our well wishes to Caroline Fernandes on the arrival of her beautiful girl, Elise Alyson Fernandes. Congratulations on your new phase of life. Additive manufacturing has opened up a plethora of opportunities for various industries, from aviation to healthcare and from medicine to fashion. It offers new alternatives not just to… Continue reading Bulletin Board – Feb ’17

EASTWEST PR’s Bulletin Board – Jan 17

The Christmas holidays is over but in most part of the region, people are celebrating the arrival of the Chinese Lunar Year.   This year, EASTWEST celebrates the festivity with lanterns, mandarin oranges and red packets (hong bao). The team took time out and bonded over crafting decorations after work hours, and had prepared a Chinese… Continue reading EASTWEST PR’s Bulletin Board – Jan 17