The “A-WAKE” Experience in China

AWARD SUBMISSION: INDIE AWARDS 2017 CATEGORIES :Best PR/Earned Media Campaign 2-16-2017 COMPANY : EASTWEST PR GROUP CLIENT : WAKE Drinks International CAMPAIGN TITLE : The “A-WAKE” Experience in China

 OBJECTIVE/BRIEF In 2013, the sports and energy drink market reached 6 billion RMB (approx. US$ 869 million) followed by the increase of 25% in 2014. By 2020, the revenue is expected to be 10 billion RMB (approx. US$ 1.45 billion). The rise in the disposable incomes will lead Chinese consumers to expect more from the drink market, not only low calorie, high nutrition, functional features but also natural and fashionable drink products. WAKE Drinks International, a British active lifestyle beverage company was keen to build its brand awareness and market presence of its WAKE Drinks product in China amongst the millennials who love sports and adopt an active lifestyle. WAKE Drinks had engaged EASTWEST to develop a comprehensive integrated communications campaign for the launch of its carbonated energy drink in China. STRATEGY EASTWEST rolled out a comprehensive integrated communications campaign that focused on: • Driving mass awareness of the product amongst targeted urban and millennial consumers who are between 25 and 40 years old. • Associating WAKE’s brand with an active and healthy lifestyle.WAKE Social Media Platforms The campaign was set to build WAKE’s brand via premium sports events and encouraged target consumers who lead active lifestyles to share the “ A-WAKE” experience (sporting, diet and nutrition experiences) across WAKE’s social media platforms that include WAKE’s China website, Weibo and WeChat Online. Flagship Launch Event at the Great Wall of China WAKE sponsored a 30 KM cross country race that was organized by “Commune by the Great Wall,” an exclusive boutique hotel located near the Badaling section of the Great Wall. The flagship launch befitted WAKE’s brand and marketing strategy in China. AWARD SUBMISSION: INDIE AWARDS 2017EXECUTION AND IMPLEMENTATION To kick-start the communications campaign, EASTWEST developed audience specific content around the “AWAKE” theme (focusing on sports, diet and nutrition experiences) and strategically engaged with online media and consumers via social media platforms, to drive buzz and awareness ahead of the flagship marathon event A series of WAKE branded social media platforms were set-up (that included Weibo and WeChat) to encourage Chinese and UK media, as well as bloggers to share their stories/posts before and after the marathon, to create interesting stories and anecdotes that target stakeholders can relate to. On behalf of WAKE, EASTWEST invited high profile runners in China that include a previous Olympic walking champion, Mrs. Wang Liping to participate in the marathon and to share her “A-WAKE” story and experiences through social media platforms. Stories, photos and highlights of the marathon were strategically shared on all WAKE’s social media platforms and with the Chinese media. WAKE’s social media QRC was also displayed on all relevant collaterals onsite and online, so that participants and target audiences are able to directly access and share positive WAKE brand experience via owned social media channels. CONCLUSION AND OUTCOME EASTWEST was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Client’s marketing and communications efforts in a number of ways: Drive mass awareness of WAKE Drinks across social media platforms. • Create content and post on WAKE’s official account across major social media platforms in China; including Weibo and WeChat. • The event highlight blog post has attracted a further 17,000 targeted views to date • Featured in ThatsBeijing • Featured in Food and Beverage Asia a top-tier target media • Featured in Rayli a top tier lifestyle and fashion publication • WAKE Drinks was sampled and “reviewed” by 10 top tier target media in Beijing Associate the brand with healthy lifestyle across all activities • Every piece of content, including user generated photos, videos, conveyed the message of the healthy lifestyle and actual product taste experience • 98% of PR coverage featured WAKE’s key message Position WAKE as a credible and relevant brand to the millennial and urban audiences • Partnering with Commune by the Great Wall and the runners enabled WAKE to credibly reach to the right audience • PR coverage reached more than 30% of the target audience in China • 15 sales inquiries were generated after the event including 1 distributor in Hebei providence AWARD SUBMISSION:INDIE AWARDS 2017  

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