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– Highlights from 2015 GlobalCom Annual Conference The 2015 GlobalCom PR Network Conference held in Istanbul Turkey from June 4-5 2015 marked another success of the network’s 9 years’ history. This year’s event was special and more successful than ever as 50 attendees from 30 agencies across 45 countries around the world gathered in Istanbul, to hear industry experts and fellow PR peers share experiences and best practices on the opportunities and challenges to run their agencies, as well as serving clients. Key themes and discussions included business development, leads generation, talent retention, marketing, PR measurement and finally action plan moving forward. These two productive days captured an in-depth knowledge sharing and more importantly a better understanding of the experiences in each country and region with a common goal for growth from both business and agency perspectives. Below is a summary of my top 3 highlights and take-away from this year’s conference: What makes us the purple cow? Robbert Minderhoud, founder of Pride PR from the Netherlands presented his idea of positioning his agency by quoting from Seth Godin’s book – the Purple Cow, transform your business by being remarkable to stand out from your competition. What makes a brand the purple cow? Brand that focuses on both cultural and emotional benefits of its target customers will be ahead of the game. What makes an agency the purple cow? Agency that processes a clear mind of its strengths, a thorough understanding of the client’s challenge, and a honest solution that will truly tackle the challenge. Business leads generation V.S. organic growth Leads generation – Some of the most effective and reliable leads generations are through referrals from the network, partners, word-of-mouth, clients or even media sometimes. Besides, a user-friendly online CRM tool has also proven to be a main source to attract new businesses. Organic growth – A slower but a more economic way for SMEs, by utilizing and further exploring the agency’s existing client base, developing the agency’s strengths through organic growth will make the agency a stronger competitor in the industry. Talent retention I was quite surprised from my conversation with the partners from Brazil and Mexico, that we may be located in three continents, yet the challenge for talent acquisition and retention remain the same. Which makes this phenomenon a more global rather than regional challenge especially coming from a boutique independent agency. During the discussion, the F.O.M.O principle – Fear of Missing Out has also been addressed as one of the reasons for talent retention challenge. The network’s UK partner also shared their thoughts to improve this situation:

  • Make people feel they belong
  • Give people ownership
  • Position people as leaders – however junior, and however small the area
  • Maintain drive – keep refuelling people’s energy and motivation
  • Global staff exchange program within the network is also an excellent way to motivate the talents.

Local expertise, Global reach. It has certainly been a fantastic opportunity to be part of this global meeting in Istanbul to share and get inspired from top experts from the industry. This is what thrives us either as an employee or business owner to be better and keep growing with a global open mind. About EASTWEST PR EASTWEST PR is a media relations and digital PR agency based in Asia since 1995, with offices in  Beijing, Singapore and  Bangalore. EASTWEST focuses on providing strategic communications services through a combined  traditional approach (e.g. media/analysts/influencer outreach) and  digital approach (e.g. social media, video, SEO&SEM). About GlobalCom GlobalCom is a worldwide group of full service PR and Marketing Communications agencies. 70 offices cover all member states of the European Union and 60 countries worldwide including Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North and South America. With more than 1,400 experienced PR consultants, GlobalCom PR Network serves national and international clients who benefit from our local expertise and international presence.

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