The Benefits Of Sina Weibo Enterprise Verification

Sina Weibo Enterprise VerificationSina Weibo, also known as The Chinese Twitter, seems to be swiftly overtaking other popular microblogging services around the world. With new features seemingly being released weekly, the newest round comes in the form of corporate verification. Previously, it didn’t matter if the account was representing a person or a company, there was only one type of verification which gave you limited access to metrics and control over customization. This isn’t the case any longer. Now, with enterprise verification, a company can have more control over how their image on the Chinese internet is portrayed through the ability to customize their Weibo home page.  In addition to this, a company that is enterprise verified also has an easier time building and maintaining a reputation over one that isn’t – users are quicker to trust a source validated by Sina Weibo compared to one that isn’t. Enterprise verified accounts also have access to new user metrics including age, gender, and location of followers. A client can choose to use Sina Weibo to launch events, and with Enterprise Verification this process is even easier. With the addition of a sticky post that doesn’t degrade like other messages and get lost in the noise, key statements from a company can be easily accessible to a user. This sticky post is available in multiple formats: either in as a traditional text based post or a streaming video post. With the ubiquity of video nowadays, which is a service EASTWEST provides, a post that generates the most response will most certainly be a video one however. EASTWEST PR has already helped clients become enterprise verified but first we had to get our own Weibo verified to try out the features ourselves. Now that we are familiar with the process we’re confident enough to advise our clients as well. To efficiently portray the benefits and requirements for Sina Weibo enterprise verification, EASTWEST has created a presentation hosted on Slideshare. Check it out below:

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