The Chinese Conversation Prism

The bewildering array of formats, tools and platforms related to social media create a complicated barrier to simply getting noticed online, and even more so when it comes to doing so in China. We thought that we might be able to illumuniate the way a little.  Inspired by the work of Brian Solis and  Jess Thomas on the conversation prism, ‘the art of listening, learning and sharing,’   EASTWEST dedicated some baidu time to map out each of the social media tools and platforms available in China, using the original prism as the framework. With the aid of keen eyes, or the zoom function on your screen, you will be able to see the spectrum from crowdsourced content to lifestreams to video sharing to social bookmarks Chinese on line conversation prism Chinese on line conversation prism As we attempted to illustrate in the Digital Content Flywheel, campaigns commence with content, and what this has been defined clearly then one can use the prism to determine the best distribution strategy to effect the best possible level of audience engagement. One or a combination of tools and platforms may be used, almost certainly part of an integrated program which allows for some public sharing of content and private collaboration. The culture of communication in China has established some copycat platforms of the west, and also some unique. Baidu locks down the search market defeating google with 58.4% of all  Chinese language search. In commerce Tabao flounced ebay by offering commission free transactions. has personal video of sightseers played on the tv screens of the underground trains. Wealink is the equivalent of linkedin which currently claims 4.5m users. Follow5 has realtime posts by contributors overlaid on a map of China with an alarming  degree of candour on a range of personal topics from new products to the opinion of their mother on their school reports. Marketing strategies need to be mapped onto the China digital conversation prism with localised content and a consideration of the openess of the dialogue wanted. It all starts with the creation of compelling content and intelligent conversation, with some content protection controls to be seriously considered along with tracking to see if the campaign  is under control.  The conversation prism should help understand where best to listen, learn and share in China. Related:   The Great Social Network of China – Social Networking Sites , Blogs & Microblogs: The Best of Both Worlds , Photo&Video Sharing Sites in China, Top Chinese Social Bookmarking Websites .

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