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Using Sina Weibo as a Not-So-Fluent Chinese Speaker Sina Weibo Enterprise Verification新浪微博, AKA Sina Weibo or “Chinese Twitter” is China’s #1 Microblogging service and is quickly gaining users from around the world. EASTWEST PR creates and manages accounts on Sina Weibo for our clients.   I thought it would be interesting to share how a non native Chinese speaker could create an account on the service that has already attracted more than 100 million users. After talking to some Chinese friends I decided to give Sina Weibo a shot, even though my Chinese not fluent by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve chosen to write this guide with the Google Chrome browser in mind, but these steps are largely the same with every browser. If you are persistent, resourceful and most importantly patient you can have your own Sina Weibo in no time. Before you do anything make sure you are able to input Chinese characters into your computer. First, make sure your Chrome browser is completely up to date. Then you’ll need a pinyin input tool, Google’s is very robust and easy to use. Once that’s done there are two very important Chrome extensions you can use:

  • The first is the Google Translate extension, which auto detects any language on a web page and allows you to translate it through the Google Translate service.


  • The second is the Zhongwen Popup Chinese Dictionary. Using these tools in tandem allows you a powerful and effective way to understand Chinese websites on a very general level as well specific phrases when the general translation doesn’t make sense.

For this next section, you’ll want to use the Google Translate extension to translate entire pages into English. Now that you’re ready to create your account, go to the Sina Weibo website and click on the big green button in the top right corner that says 立即注册微博which will take you to the registration page. Enter in the relevant information – Email, password, confirmation of password and then the captcha code. This should send a confirmation email to your inbox, which contains a registration link. Within that link you can fill out your relevant information. You’ll see on this page at the top 3 sections, the first is your general information, the second is who you are following and the third is your home page. You should be on the first page, so fill in your relevant information; only the entries with a red asterisk are necessary. Once you’re done enter in another captcha code at the bottom and you’ll be taken to the second page. On this page you can edit whom you’re following – To add people click on the white button on the right side of the page that says 关注已选用户. Make sure to follow our Associate Executive Kelvin’s account or you can follow mine. Now you’re ready to make your first post. Post tagging is largely automatic, the system scans what you’ve written and tags it accordingly. In addition to that, a new feature for Sina Weibo is the ability to embed video from outside sources in your posts, allowing you an easier way to reach the people you want. With all these tools at your disposal you’re now able to reach your clients and partners through the fastest growing Microblogging service in the world. Tune in next time when I talk in more detail about writing a post, uploading pictures and video, and joining groups.

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