The difference between Investor Relations and Public Relations in the eyes of a fresh graduate

IR      public-relations-2014 I remember when I had to go for an interview to look for a full time job, people have asked me:” So, what industry are you looking to apply for? “  When I tell them it is for the Public Relations (PR) industry, people were not surprised since most of them knew I could talk and am able to warm up to people easily. They thought the PR industry for someone like me would be a breeze. Well, they were neither wrong nor right. When I finished my internship as a Communications Assistant, I accepted one as a Social Media/ Marketing Communications Executive at a PR firm thinking it was what I wanted to do. The job scope was simple. -Support Managing Director in researching, planning and execution of marketing and branding plans and activities (both online and offline). -Develop engaging and professional of marketing collateral and company newsletter to enhance company’s brand position in the market. -Maintain, update and create original contents of company website and other online platforms to project a positive and dynamic company’s image to the market. -Analyse and report social media feedback regularly to identify actions for new marketing and branding initiatives. -Work with internal and external parties on marketing and branding projects.   I set out to do the work to the best of my abilities, not knowing that there are differences when you are working in the area of Financial Public Relations/ Investor Relations (IR) than in the normal Public Relations. Unlike PR, IR deals more with the clients on an investment aspect and the dealings with investors and analysts of the companies that they are representing.  I was expected to handle the social media/ Marketing communication aspects of the company by running their Twitter Page, their LinkedIn page, managing their website amongst other tasks. I thought this was fun at that time but I never knew that there is another aspect of this beyond just handling the social media accounts. My colleagues had press releases to push out, client meetings to go to, and I mostly just stayed in the office. I was also tasked to do a lot of translation work for documents and it tested my patience on what I could achieve.  Handling internal events was another one of my tasks but since I did not possess the financial background necessary to understand what was being presented, it made me feel like I wasted my time. Many of my friends and family have asked and wondered if I could endure working in that environment, and my answer is No.   I have moved on to working at a PR firm, which is why I am writing this post. I remember the day when the HR called me down for an interview and told me that she found my CV through one of the job portal sites. I was surprised as I was not expecting myself to jump back into a PR role again after leaving my previous position.  I was pleasantly surprised at how the HR had explained the job scope. Some of the things I have to do: -Ensuring that the strategy is effectively project-managed in line with the client agreement. -Feeding back into the team client requirements. -Ensure deliverables in the client strategy are met. I told myself to give this a shot, and I have been one month into the job.  It has been an interesting journey in the world of PR and I can tell you honestly, I am enjoying every minute of it, from the excitement when you get a press release published to clinching your first interview for a client. In the one month that I have joined, I have been given chances to do things that my previous company did not allow me to do and gained chances to present to prospective clients. If you ask me which is better, I will say that both experiences have provided me a fair share of learning opportunities.   To end this post off, I want to share my favourite quote: Work Quote

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