The Digital PR Spin Cycle.

Spin Cycle PR Agency at Work The Digital Spin Cycle doesn’t refer to washing dirty laundry with clean PR, but rather the process of a content centric approach to digital communications. Fresh linen is always a good place to start and so it is with PR. It is always nice to see good clean material that can be tailored for the specific audiences with a tailored message which meets the objectives. At EASTWEST we have found that successful communications, on line or off line, are leading discussions which encourage people to participate, become engaged and ultimately loyal to the cause.

To simplify the process we defined 5 key stages for the Spin Cycle:

The process for digital communications The Digital Spin Cycle

  • Create content. Words, Audio, Graphics, Video. Ideally all of these together ready for multiple media with nifty tags, embedded links etc.
  • Publish. Sending the content to as many platforms as are relevant.
  • Promote. Submissions to search engines, meta engines, social media groups.
  • Monitor. Checking the froth of the web for the real suds of news.
  • Analyse. Looking for the ring around the collar.

Creating a clean image with digital communications is part of a cycle, not just spin of course, but a holistic approach which is centred on content which will address the key areas of interest of the audience while also satisfying the needs of the organization. A creative PR agency should do more than sit back and watch the messaging spin round in the media machine; they should set the cycle, add the messaging, and give the client a well presented fabric of analysis at the end of the process. A good digital campaign should leave the fabric of the client’s reputation looking clean and fresh, ready to complement the rest of the garbs in marketing wardrobe.

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