The dressing conundrum in the PR industry

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  Ever wondered if working in the PR industry/ company entails the employees to be dressed the way that they wished? As I found out through working in the PR industry for a few months, the way that employees dressed would be mostly based on the culture of the company and it would be dependent on the consultant/ associate’s schedule for the day. I am only stating what I have observed in my time in this industry; please take this as an opinion piece from a newbie in the PR industry.   I have noticed while working in the Central Business District (namely Raffles Place and City Hall), where there are quite a number of companies, whether it is big MNCs or SMEs that have their offices located in the area that people are dressing very professionally ( suit and tie for men, dress and heels for ladies). It felt like I was watching a constant fashion show every day when I arrive at the train station and watch the crowds go by with their fancy bags, leather shoes and made-up faces with their Starbucks signature coffees and their breakfast from Paul’s.   I felt the need to be dressed appropriately when I used to be working there and will often be using my free time to look for outfits that would suit working in that environment, purchase endless makeup products to make sure you look presentable to my superiors and clients that I might be meeting that day. I would recall that the only day I was allowed to dress down was Friday since it was the last day of the work week. Dressing professional made me realise that the work that I was contributing on behalf of my superiors for my clients is important and can be considered as an achievement if the client chooses to follow through with what you have proposed. It meant that even if I was not meeting any clients and was desk-bound for the day, I would still have to be dressed professionally, which sometimes might be uncomfortable.   There are times that I felt lost dressing appropriately in the PR industry. I know I have to maintain a certain level of professionalism so as to represent the company and the client in the best light possible but there are times and days where all you want to be is in a T-Shirt, Jeans and sneakers with unkempt hair and with an unmade-up face with eye bags and pimple riddled skin. But does dressing down affect the ideas and the proposals that come out from the person, whether it maybe the director or the associate that is handling the client? I personally feel that if the culture for the company is to be dressed professionally and the clients that you are handling are high- profiled, then it justifies the employees to be dressed to the nines. But if the people that you are working with are flexible and would rather you be comfortable in what you wear so as to produce results, just follow the flow and do not question it.   To end, I would like to mention that I am actually in the middle about this dressing conundrum in the PR industry. I would want to be in comfortable clothing as I work through the day, trying to attend to what the clients would need to have accomplished. But at the same time, when required, either when there is a client meeting or meeting with prospective clients and introducing what the company does, I will always make an effort to dress appropriately so as to leave the best impression on the client on what the company I am working for does and how we can lead the brand/ product/ event to a success.

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