The New Age of PR in China – Integrated, Fast, Proactive


The New Age of PR in China 

A look into Morgan cars’ China approach

Undeniably, traditional public relations still occupy its position among mass medium today, despite the shrinking benefits in print industry in recent years. However, the rising and booming of social media in China has developed far beyond everyone’s expectations, which also boosted birth of numerous of new businesses in relating to social media platforms. Consequently, all reporters went social and mobile, brands also started to adjust, adapt and more importantly, exploring new ways to market their brands and products in China. The new age of PR is no longer purely reply on print and content feeding anymore. An Integrated,Fast and Proactive approach has proven to be an effective PR tactics in China. Integrated from purely content driven to multi-channels distribution with content, video, audio, image Fast from traditional media to social, mobile and digital Proactive from dominantly content feeding to proactively content creating In the below case study, we will take a look at the Content Flywheel circle of how a niche British automobile brand – Morgan car has tapped into the Chinese market and is having fun of exploring a various of traditional, social and mobile channels. PRContentFlywheel PR Content Flywheel MorganCarPRChina MorganCarPRChina Analyse brand’s individual challenges, including positioning, strengths and weaknesses In the case of Morgan car, a relevantly new and niche auto brand among the mass existing auto brands in China. The key positioning for Morgan car is not for everyone, but for auto enthusiasts that are craving for British auto culture, the classic retro style and appreciate the beauty of handcrafts. Which also lies in the brand’s strengths – handcraft since 1909 in the UK and remains the same until today. Entrepreneurs and artists are the brand’s typical clients profile. The main challenge here is to build the brand awareness, educate the market with a small marketing budget.  Create relevant content to tackle challenges After understanding brand’s targeting customers, a series of PR activities were organized and conducted targeting at these potential customers, including press conference, media interviews and industry events as well as exhibitions to get the brand and the story behind the brand out. Promote via traditional, social and digital channels The job didn’t stop here, all the media coverage generated from content creation has then been promoted massively among traditional, social and digital channels for further brand exposure. Channels leveraged including media, online auto news portal and E-commerce. Syndicate across multi online channels Meanwhile, the content has also been syndicated among the brand’s owned social media channels on website, blog, video, Weibo and wechat Monitor of results, social, media mentions and measuring deliverables And lastly, a series of online tracking tools has been set up to monitor brand exposure and social mentioning and media coverage online via Zopim and Taobao tracking system A full PPT version of this blog can be download here

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