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Where can the UNOTICED show be heard?

The UNNOTICED show is hosted on Buzzsprout and is listed on all the main directories, including iTunes, Spotify, iHeart, and the soon to be introduced Amazon Podcasts.

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Each episode of the UnNoticed is less than 20 minutes, Why?

We are asking for time from busy people, so we are making the UnNoticed Podcast the length of a leisurely latte, a dog walk, the school run, or a quick work out. It’s kept short by letting the guest do the talking.

What we’d like to ask you

The format is like a simple story. In a perfect world, what would happen? What’s your vision for the ideal situation. 
But what’s the bottleneck, or problem which needs to be solved? How did you fix that bottleneck? We’ll ask for specific examples, and because this is a show for entrepreneurs we will ask about facts, figures and costs to help others make their decisions.

About the host Of The UnNoticed

Jim James has started businesses on 3 continents, and still runs the first one he started in Singapore in 1995, the EASTWEST Public Relations Group. He has an entrepreneurs interest in adding value and a PR consultants passion for publicity.  

the unnoticed

Getting Technical

We record using ZOOM, and only record the audio.
Please use an external mic and headset.
20 minutes pre-chat and mic check.
Ask family, friends, pets, to give you 20 minutes to be the star of the show for a change.
20 minutes recording (and we record the intro and outro live)

Promoting the UnNoticed show

We will share with you the link to the show, and ask you to share it via your social media channels too.
The UnNoticed is available on major channels including iTunes, Spotify, iHeart, Stitcher and in time on Amazon. 
Please rate the UnNoticed podcast, rave uncontrollably if you like, as it all helps.


We know the UnNoticed Podcast isn’t perfect, so if you can see any ways to make it better, then please just let us know.

Book a Time

Choose a time which suits you, and then we’ll send to you some questions to share so that we can make sure the show notes are as good as they can be. In case you haven’t heard the show yet, click here to listen to the trailer natively.

Thank you for being our guest.

Once you’ve made a booking, we’ll send to you the dial in details and some more information to ensure that we are all ready for the mic.


Stay up-to-date with what we do. we promise to carry you along with us every single step we take in this journey.

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