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By Jim James,

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If you didn’t know, there is power in email autosignatures. Helga Zabalkanskaya, CEO of Newoldstamp, share how their email signature marketing and management platform helps founders of small companies, business owners, and marketers improve brand visibility and utilise email signatures as a marketing channel, because people often underestimate the influence of this feature, but it truly has a lot of potential.

Statistically, billions of emails are sent and received everyday around the world, and at the end of the email, most of them don’t have contact details or branding, so it’s definitely something people can improve on, since a common instinct when receiving an email is to scroll to the end and find out who is the person behind this email before even reading its content. Imagine seeing a photo at the end. Now you know what the person looks like, and that email automatically builds a bit more trust with a company. So, it’s important to add banners or calls to action to visit a page, check out an offer, or book a demo. People often miss out on this part, but it’s really helpful, and it increases replies and trust.

Newoldstamp’s useful features 

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When creating an email signature on their platform, they make sure that all the signatures look consistent regardless of the platform or device. One signature can be sent from your iPhone’s Mail, to Gmail, to Outlook, and more, and it will all look the same. Even if you send or receive emails from different email clients, it will be consistent. They also have a central management system that can be integrated with your Exchange Server for Outlook as well as for GSuite and Office 365, and they can create standardised signatures for all the employees in the company too. Basically, anyone who owns a Newoldstamp account can make changes on their platform, set up an integration, and then just with a click of a button, they can make all the updates and have it go out to all members of staff. For individuals and small companies that don’t have GSuite, Exchange Server, or Office 365, they can simply copy and paste. Most of their email clients allow them to make updates using their system, even if you just copy the code of the signatures.

Depending on the organisation set up and brand requirements, the autosignatures can also be used on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. With their integration, all these resources would be stored in the GSuite organisation or in the Exchange Server, so you can create one signature template, and their system will automatically update all the elements that need to be updated. For smaller companies where the work would be more of a manual process, you can upload a CSV file with the necessary information, and then their system will create signatures for all employees based on the master template. They can also set up rules for replies and forwards for internal and external communication, so you can have different signatures for each employee. GSuite and Gmail recently added this option for having  reply and forward signatures, so they are now automating this.

Why Newoldstand is special

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Most marketing emails are used for cold outreach to quite a lot of people, so having the signature there will be more than beneficial, because you can add value your marketing message in your outreach through the email signature by adding a banner or clickable information that can lead to a landing page. They support CRM systems, so they can easily set up signatures in them. What makes Newoldstamp unique is that they are the only solution that works in Pipedrive properly, and they can also be integrated to Salesforce, HubSpot, and pretty much any CRM system that supports HTML.

When you have special promotions in your email, you can add a promotional banner at the bottom of the signature. You can even use it to drive subscribers to your email newsletter by adding a call to action button that will add a link to the subscribing page, so that when someone clicks and they go to the landing page, they can easily subscribe. You can opt to add a promotional banner to draw a bit more attention and add a link too. Moreover, you can also schedule signatures, and their system will update it automatically, especially when it comes to banners. For instance, you want to set up a signature only for the duration of Black Friday, after which it will be a holiday season autosignature. Thanks to automation, they can make that happen. 

No need to worry about your online safety and security

Another great thing about Newoldstamp is that they don’t track emails; they only track the signatures. They track clicks and signature impressions, and they also calculate the click-through rate, because in marketing, changes always need to be done to see what work betters for the audience. They found that the average click-through rate increases by 2-3% simply from using their autosignatures, and if you think of that increase as attributed to a simple email signature, then that makes it quite significant. If you’re not maximising this seemingly unnoticeable feature of your emails, you’re actually missing out on a big opportunity. Apart from the click-through rate being important, the brand impression is as well. When you reach out to somebody you don’t know, every time someone opens an email from you, they will see a log of it if they’ve been emailed multiple times, so this is definitely about the brand awareness too.

With their signature generator, they have customisable templates which allow you to reproduce any type of signature you may need. You can move the fields around, and you can choose the layout of the icons elements. The best part is that you don’t need to be a designer to stylise your autosignature. Even if you follow their template, it could be enough to get you noticed. 

Newoldstamp is for companies of all sizes

If you’re wondering about their pricing, it’s accessible even for small business owners. They currently have a package system. If you need one signature, you can buy one, and the more signatures you buy, the cheaper it will be, but the price generally begins at $1 per signature per month. They are now changing it up a bit though, because they see the value in it and they see that users sometimes don’t want to have access to all the features.

They started Newoldstamp, because they saw the need to educate people who were unaware of the potential clients they could have by adding something as simple as an autosignature. In terms of security, they access only the signature settings. Unlike other extensions that read emails and email addresses, they don’t do this. For bigger organizations using Exchange Server, they don’t integrate deeply with the server. Most companies’ IT departments would set up specific rules for using their tool. That makes Newoldstamp very secure. And though they are based in Ukraine, they work globally. In fact, the majority of their customers are from the US and the UK. Their target market would be small companies, as they provide a simplified solution for them, but they are also used by small teams from big companies such as FedEx and Vodafone.

What are you waiting for? Send people great emails that represent your company properly and help increase the number of leads you get from the emails you send out by using an autosignature created by Newoldstamp. To learn more about Newoldstamp, you can check out their website

This article is based on a transcript from my Podcast SPEAK|pr, you can listen here.

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