Three Ways of Cementing Relationships with Journalists

The Best Practice of EASTWEST PR in Building Good Relationships with Media
By Jie Ann
Relationships with journalists are a long-term investment. Based on years of understanding and experience, we’d like to provide three simple yet critical principles in terms of building and maintaining good relationships with journalists.
Respect for Journalists & Reporters
PR practitioners should invest in healthy and long-term relationships with journalists. The best way to embark on one is through respecting, supporting and understanding them.
It is crucial to invest time to get to know the journalists: their jobs, editorial calendars and deadlines and maintain regular contact with them even when you don’t have a story that is running. Offer to help them with stories they’re working on and be willing to go on the record with quotes or sound bites. If they want access to people in the industry that you know, build the bridge between your client and media – both sides will thank you for it.  If you’ve got good ideas for a story – run it by them in an email. If they call you for an interview that has a deadline – be responsive. You will earn their trust this way.
Have a Great Product
Being friends or close to a journalist, however, will never assure any PR practitioner great coverage if your products or services are not well prepared. Therefore, a PR professional should always be meticulous. Every word in any article should be pondered upon, every angle should be polished and every interview should be well arranged in order to ensure that anything presented to the media is qualified and hardly ignored by journalists.
Stay Connected with Journalists
Besides the professional work that we have done for clients and media, being consistently connected with journalists, editors and producers is another way that EASTWEST PR professionals consolidate their relationship with journalists.
Many local PR agencies seem to have no way around the “transportation fee” imposed on them by the media circle in Mainland China. EASTWEST PR however, refuses to concede to this practice. Instead, we invite journalists or reporters that we already are or would like to get acquainted with, to small and cozy events to express our genuine gratitude and willingness to assist whenever the need presents itself.
What started as a social event was found to be a mutually beneficial and valuable platform to share experiences and exchange viewpoints for the journalists and PR professionals.


We understand that a good relationship needs to be cultivated.As a Chinese saying “The gift itself may be light as a goose feather, but sent from afar, it conveys deep feeling.”

Gifts are never too small. Holiday greetings, little cards and gifts are regularly sent to the journalists.These are small gestures that not only show journalists that we regard them as cherished friends rather than article publishing tools but convey our respect for them.Relationships with journalists are indeed the long-term investment. Nurture trust and always be available to assist them and this will help you consolidate long –term relationships with the media. EASTWES T can help you cultivateyour media relations.

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