Tips To Succeed On Google Content Network

Did you know that the median advertiser gets 20% of their conversions from the content network? You have the potential to gain more sales and customers by advertising on Google content network. As a result, google shared several tips on how to improve the performance your content campaigns. There are 4 fast and easy steps you can do to get the best possible results for your content campaigns: 1. Create separate content campaigns bids: To improve control over budget and the ability to tailor ad groups to better communicate to users on the content network. 2. Think about the type of user browsing a web page and write effective ad text: Write clear compelling ad text to attract users’ attention while they browse content pages. 3. Create tightly-themed ad groups for each product or service that you are advertising: Organize your ad groups around one product or service at a time. 4. Track your performance: Easily find out which sites your contextually targeted ads are appearing on and how they are performing using the Placement Performance Report in the Report Center.

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