To make short and cost effective video for children about how light impacts them, we turned to this AI platform

By Jim James,

Founder EASTWEST PR and Host of the SPEAK|pr Podcast

These days, it can be quite expensive to commission an agency to do work for you, especially when it comes to content creation. Even simple explainer videos can set you back as much as $1,500 to $60,000. Luckily, there are platforms like Lumen5 that allow you to create your own videos in less than 60 seconds. 

What you can do with Lumen5

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Lumen5 is just one of a number of AI-powered platforms that give you the ability to create content, possibly for free. With their Community plan, you can create three free videos per month, but do note that this comes with a Lumen5 watermark. If that’s a problem for you, you might want to upgrade to the Starter plan, which is $99 per month. If it’s billed yearly, you save $35, and it even has a free trial. With this plan, you get 10 videos per month, no branding, and 24/7 live chat support. They have Enterprise and Business versions as well, which you can learn more about here.

Needless to say, these videos we create have such a short shelf-life. On YouTube, it could be active for less than a week. And unless you’ve got a massive budget, paying a huge sum of money just doesn’t make sense, but the video medium is what people want to watch, and that’s the problem Lumen5 tries to address through social media videos, infomercials, or edumercials. What Lumen5 does is it creates content by auto-finding the right kind of images for the content that you want to create. You can add your text and then Lumen5 will go out and find for you the different clips that would best fit the content you want in your video. It not only adds video; it can also add GIFs too, and you can also upload your own video, stock footage, and logos as well which is great for branding.

Once you’ve entered your text and chosen a template, within less than 10 seconds, Lumen5 will go out and find archived footage, which is less than 10 seconds each as a clip, and attribute those individual clips to the text. More than simply reading the text, the AI tries to understand the text and then find the relevant videos to supplement and support it. 

The ease of use and versatility of Lumen5

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There are three different ways to start the video creation process. One is to upload text. Another is to include a URL, and the last is to add your own media. Getting started on creating a video is really simple and quick, and it already has preset templates for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. You can even resize those as you go along.

If you want to change the length of each individual frame, you can do so. You can change the number of seconds, you can change the text, and you can change the location of the text. There are also different templates for each individual scene. You can also change the text size and the location of the text on the individual screen. You can also create brand presets by adding a logo or particular style that you want. So, Lumen5 is proving to be very flexible to a user’s needs.

Why the video possibilities are endless with Lumen5

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With a Lumen5 subscription, it’s easy to make multiple iterations of the same video in less than 10 to 15 seconds. You can also choose different royalty-free music, and as mentioned before, sonic branding is important. You can change the pace of the program in individual scenes. You can change the layout of the text, and you can change the music that accompanies it. You can create an outro with your own logo, and then you can download that as a video file, which you can then share to social media.

Lumen5 is proving to be a platform that is very easy to use and simple, but also very effective. It can even be used to create training videos, thanks to the ability to add in content. Because the images it finds represent the content, it saves on what was going to be the cost of finding an appropriate image or cutting and pasting different images. 

There are other platforms similar to Lumen5, such as Content Samurai, although some may prefer Lumen5 over Content Samurai for its affordable pricing, easy interface, and high quality content one can produce. If you’ve got an edumercial or infomercial, or even just a straight commercial, but you can’t afford the budget of one of these outsourced agencies and you are getting a bit frustrated trying to make it on something like iMovie, then check out Lumen5, because you might find that for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time, you could be creating videos, sharing them, and then getting on with the rest of your work. So, if you’re going to make video, check out one of these AI-related tools and make the most out of it.

This article is based on a transcript from my Podcast SPEAK|pr, you can listen here.

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