Top Tools: Mailchimp

Don’t be fooled by the name, there is no monkey business with this full featured marketing automation solution.

Mail chimp has a range of plans from free to enterprise and packs a feature set that demands to be taken seriously.

Mailchimp has been around since 2001 and has grown in strength as a cloud based tool with the goal of being a full marketing platform aimed at smaller businesses. Mailchimp began offering a freemium plan in 2009 and has grown into a $700 million dollar company.

Just by glancing at the menu in mailchimp you can see the wealth of features from creating campaigns and marketing automation – yes, you can build funnels, manage subscribers and all that cool stuff!


Designing and creating landing pages, signup forms, and emails are the features that most people want and what is great about mailchimp is that you can do all of this, and more inside the same tidy interface. You can also easily create ads and social media posts and more recently mailchimp has added additional features such as surveys and a website creator.

When it comes to reporting Mailchimp is not lacking either with a wealth of data available for tracking your campaigns, email open rates, and CTR.  There is also a mobile app for both Apple and android which makes managing your marketing ‘on the move’ simple and effective.

Another thing that we love about mailchimp is that you don’t need to register for a separate SMTP service to send your emails. However, this does mean that they are quite strict on checking for spam, poor quality emails, affiliate links and dubious sign up processes. But if you have a legitimate business and do things the right way then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Mailchimp is free up to 2,000 contacts, so unless your business plan focuses on building a huge list right away, mailchimp may be a good platform to start out with.  

Once you master mailchimp the transition to other platforms will be quite easy or simply subscribe to one of their paid plans.

Check out the latest pricing here

I recommend using mailchimp, it is widely used and well supported. There are many integration tools available and a robust API.

If you like this post and want some more tools to help you streamline your business check out our Top 100.  Mailchimp is featured as one of our Top 100 Tools for PR and is included in our Technology Applications Directory – TAD|pr. You can download your copy of the directory here.

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