Top Tools: Nest Forms

Nest Forms allows you to track, create and manage paperless forms and surveys under your own dedicated account and use the forms from your desktop, Apple or Android device.

Nest Forms is a web and app-based form builder that can be used in the creation and design customer sales orders, surveys, inspection forms or questionnaires in a simple to use mobile survey app with a simple drag and drop functionality.


A typical use case is that after creating your form with the ‘drag and drop’ user interface, you can then send people out into the field to collect the data which is then automatically uploaded to your central account to give you the results from all sources. Additional features are that you can collect images, signatures and other data and upload them too. If you are offline when the data is collected, it will be stored on the device and automatically uploaded when you are back online.

Nest Forms allow for conditional questioning which will enable your end user to simply breeze through answering only the questions that are required.


You can create any form you want and then share this with your staff, friends or work associates, which they can access by simply downloading the app and signing in. The collected data can be shared with your clients or other designated users and all results are stored in the history of events that you have created, so you can review the past results easily.  Data can be collected by as many people that you have shared your form with and this can be performed either online or offline.

You can also verify the location where mobile users carried out their surveys or forms via the geo / gps location settings in their iphone or android device.


It seems that the main difference between Nest Forms is the use of the dedicated App. While at first glance, it may seem unnecessary to have an app, as most competitors in this space are SaaS based. But the App allows your to capture data offline and makes it more of a field based research tool. And the benefit here is that you don’t need to code your own survey as it uses a simple drag and drop builder.  It also allows your to capture other data sources, such as photos and signatures which is a feature that we haven’t seen before.


So if you are looking for a robust market research tool it is worth taking a look at Nest Forms.


Pricing is pretty simple, with 4 tiers available; forever free – which allows up to 3 users and 20MB storage space. Standard for 5 users at £8.95. Advanced for £30.95 and Premium at £109.95 which allows up to 100 Users, so not bad value an £1.10 per user, unlimited forms and 10GB of storage.


  • Create easy to use survey forms in minutes
  • Add multiple users within the same form
  • Add multiple images and comments effortlessly
  • Send your survey forms to multiple users at the press of a button
  • Complete your form offline if web access is unavailable in the iPhone, iPad or Android app
  • Sync and send your data in minutes under your one account from multiple mobile devices
  • Upload images immediately or later via your WiFi connection

Nest Forms is featured as one of our Top 100 Tools for PR and is included in our Technology Applications Directory – TAD|pr. You can download your copy of the directory here.

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