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LinkedIn SlideShare is a hosting service for professional content including presentations, infographics, documents, and videos. Users can sign in with their LinkedIn account and upload content in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, or OpenDocument format. Slideshare has a couple of cool features that I talk about below that make it a really useful marketing tool as well as being a great resource for learning.

Slideshare was purchased by LinkedIn in May 2012 for a reported $119 Million. Today it boasts over 80 Million Users of which 89% of its mobile app users are outside of the USA. There are over 400,000 presentations uploaded to Slideshare every month, reaching a staggering 160 Million pages views. Pretty Impressive, i think you’ll agree.


But, Why is LinkedIn useful as a PR and marketing tool?

If you are using LinkedIn, and we strongly recommend that you do, one useful feature is that it is really easy to publish your SlideShare content directly on your LinkedIn profile page. This helps you to instantly add credibility to your LinkedIn profile with powerful and authoritative visual presentations, video, e-books, case studies, or any other content assets you have.


But it is not only LinkedIn, you can also share or embed your SlideShare content across other platforms such as your website or popular social media channels.  


Just click the ‘share’ button and you are given six options Direct to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn,


Embed, a WordPress Shortcode or just copy the link to the content on Slideshare.


SlideShare automatically generates the HTML embed code you need to embed your content on your website or blog, this works with any platform, WordPress, Zoho, wix and so on either by the embed code of shortcode.



You can also, by default, allow viewers to can embed your SlideShare content on their platforms. As this is embedding your original file, you get the benefit of increased reach and views.


This is a great way to generate interesting content on your blog, or add facts and data from other companies into your web content.




Another feature that we really like is is the ability to ‘Clip slides’ and save them to collections.

To do this simply hover over the presentation and clip the ‘Clip slide’ button that appears in the top right corner of the deck.


So if you see some interesting stats, data, infographics, or other useful content you can clip it and save it for reference, you can name collections so that you can organise them in to logical collections based on theme.


The collections you create can be private or you can make them public and share your new found knowledge with others.

In this post we have just scratched the surface of how you can use Slideshare in your business. But with its huge audience and seamless integration it is easy to gain the benefit of increased traffic and exposure if your brand, and it won’t cost you a penny.

If you like this post and want some more tools to help you streamline your business check out our Top 100.  Slideshare is featured as one of our Top 100 Tools for PR and is included in our Technology Applications Directory – TAD|pr. You can download your copy of the directory here.

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