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SurveyMonkey, is a cloud based survey development tool that was founded in 1999 by Ryan Finley and Chris Finley. The company provides a survey maker with analytics functions, and a suite of paid back-end programs.

Most companies know that Surveys are important to collect feedback, opinions, criticism and suggestions from the general public, customers, and staff. and around the time that Survey Monkey appeared these were mostly still collected on paper or complicated bespoke HTML forms. So the ability to handle the process from designing the survey, sending it out and compiling and analysing the results was widely welcomed across many industries.

What we like about SurveyMonkey is that you can do all of that within the one cloud-based system, and that it is incredibly easy to do.

With a Basic (free) plan, you can create and send a survey with up to 10 questions or elements (including question types, descriptive text, or images). And you can collect unlimited responses, but you can only view between 40 or 100 responses per survey, and this depends on when you created an account and your billing location.

There are a range of business plans and if you can make use of the powerful creation and and analytics features, then there is a plan to suit your needs.


For the rest of us a free account will get you started, especially if your survey base is quite small.

Using the web interface, you can choose over 30 survey templates and 15 types of questions.

The types of questions span three categories – close-ended, open-ended, and descriptive.

You can chose to have a single answer, multiple choice with multiple answers, a rating scale, and 3 matrix type questions in the close-ended category.


Single text box, multiple text boxes, essay box, numerical text boxes, demographic details, and date/time box options can be chosen from the open-ended questions, giving you lots of options in designing your survey.


It is also possible to set answer choice randomisation, add a survey completion bar, add auto numbered pages, or make questions mandatory to answer before progression to the next question.


Premium plans also give you more customisation options like adding a custom “Thank You” page and generating a printable PDF version.


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