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Vimeo is a video sharing platform that was launched in 2004 and has grown as a platform with over 80 million creators. 

Most creators are artists, rather than Vloggers or companies using vimeo for their corporate videos. Popular in film, animation, music and other arts who use vimeo to share and promote their work.


Here are some of the features Vimeo offers


  • Uploader:  Upload from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box account.
  • Enhancer: Add a music track from Vimeo’s music catalog to any of your videos, many of which are free.
  • Collections: Add your videos to your own portfolios, albums, channels or groups.
  • Video Stats: In depth analysis, of your Video content statistics.
  • Tip Jar: Accept small cash payments from viewers who wish to show appreciation for your work.
  • Sell Videos: Sell your own videos as part of Vimeo On Demand.



Vimeo offers several different options with different storage and features, such as team working, engagement, and live streaming.


Anyone can sign up with Vimeo for free. There are limited features and just 500MB of storage space, per week, for videos you want to upload. It is a good place to start and test out if Vimeo is for you.


Vimeo Plus is about £6 / $7 a month and has a limit of 5GB storage per week. You also get unlimited bandwidth in the Vimeo player and some extra features that basic members don’t have.


Vimeo Pro is about £16 / $20 a month offers high-quality playback for your videos, 20GB of storage per week, and has no bandwidth caps. You also get Pro statistics and more features.


Vimeo also offers two more premium plans for businesses and advanced video needs. The Business plan is £40 / $50 and Premium plan is £70 / $85.
All prices shown are when billed annually, and may vary depending on region.

What we like about Vimeo

Vimeo never puts ads before, after, or on top of videos. And unlike YouTube, when you embed video into your webpage, it won’t show the end screen, offering content from other content creators, or companies.  For organic reach, obviously nothing beats YouTube, but for embedding video or sharing with customers, we recommend Vimeo, bandwith and quality are really great and we use it for EASTWEST Public Relations video hosting.

If you like this post and want some more tools to help you streamline your business check out our Top 100.  Vimeo is featured as one of our Top 100 Tools for PR and is included in our Technology Applications Directory – TAD|pr. You can download your copy of the directory here.

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