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Visme is an all-in-one content creation tool empowering individuals and organizations to quickly create and share beautiful content they can be proud of in the form of engaging presentations, infographics, documents, videos, and graphics — with little to no design skills.

Visme has been in development for over 7 years and undergone continual upgrades and refinements with the last major one being in February 2020.  This update took feedback from over 4.4 million users in over 120 countries to add in a whole host of features that really sets Visme apart from its competitors.


According to Visme, it is “created to be versatile, easy to use, yet powerful enough to be used by content creators from all walks of life” And they have an impressive selection of case studies from Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM (view case study) . To start-ups (view case study), Education (view case study), Non-profit institutions(view case study), B2B Marketing Teams (view case study), B2C Marketing Teams (view case study), Sales Professionals (view case study), and many more! (view all case studies)

Made for non-designers but still powerful enough for graphic designers, Visme combines simplicity, flexibility and interactive features within a single platform, giving users everything they need within an easy-to-use online interface. 

Although there are other tools out there (ex. Powerpoint, Google Slides, Canva, Piktochart, Prezi, etc.), Visme is the only tool that allows you to create various forms of content as simple graphics but with series of interactive features to bring static content to life, with the ability to animate any object and assign actions. for example you can create Links with pop-ups  and  rollovers add video and audio and even embed content from 3rd Party applications.

Visme is free for all users; it takes just a few seconds to register and start creating your first project.  Most features are free and other features, such as downloading projects for offline use, password protection, access to premium widgets and templates, are available for an affordable fees starting at $14/month when paid yearly (or $25/month when paid monthly).

Publish, share online or download for offline use

The ability to publish a project and access it in various forms also gives Visme an edge over other online tools. Users can easily publish and share their Visme online, embed it into a website or blog and even download it as an Image, PDF, editable PowerPoint (PPTx) or as HTML5, which will preserve all interactivity/animation and can be used offline.

What else can yo do with Visme?

Visme can also be used to make other forms of content such as Flyers, to Scatter Plots, and Social Media Graphics. the possibilities are endless. 


If you are looking for inspiration here is an assortment of links to get those creative juices flowing!


Visme for Graphs and Charts:


Visme for Printables and Flyers


Visme for Scatter Plots: scatter plot maker


Visme for publishing your Survey results:

What’s bad about Visme?

To be honest it is hard to find anything bad about visme, but in my experience I thinkthe interface could be a little more intuitive, sometimes I find myself clicking on something and nothing happens, like choosing a type of file to create, you are supposed to click somewhere else. I also find that Visme library is not as good as Canva at showing search results for more abstract terms. For example, if I search for Startups, in visme there are no icon or image suggestions, where as Canva will show be some pretty relevent icons and illustrations.


However, Visme is hugely powerful and the latest upgrade places Visme as a fantastic tool that could be used to replace a range of tools that most people use out of habit.

Think Canva… but more powerful and feature-rich.
Think Powerpoint… 
but more intuitive and scalable.
Think Prezi and Infogram… 
but more flexible and versatile

If you like this post and want some more tools to help you streamline your business check out our Top 100.  Visme is featured as one of our Top 100 Tools for PR and is included in our Technology Applications Directory – TAD|pr. You can download your copy of the directory here.

Download the TAD|pr directory

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