Using Google AdWords to Generate Leads

Once again you booked a booth at a tradeshow but visitors were more interested in your competitors’ news and not so many journalists showed up at your conference. In this post we will explain how to use a simple and affordable tool that can avoid this kind of sad situation. By  getting the attention of the key visitors BEFORE the show, you will be able to make the most of your efforts DURING the show. You can get a lot of attention from journalists and potential attendees by setting up a Google Adwords campaign before an event.  Why? Because the ones that are going to the tradeshow with a purpose (write an article, find a supplier) will do searches on Google because they need to know who will be there, what will be said and when… and most of the key players provide this info before the show. This attention can easily converts into interviews or sales meetings during a tradeshow. How to do it? 1. Create a landing page First you need to make sure that you have a page on your website that provides info about your activities during the tradeshow that you will attend. On this landing page, you should have a form where web users can book an interview with a spokesperson or a sales meeting. If one of your company spokespeople is attending a forum or a conference, make sure bios, pictures, schedule and key topics are available for the media on this landing page. 2. Create your Google Adwords ad Now create your ad with the right audience, budget and keywords. Make sure you select the name of the event as keyword in Google Adwords (or any other PPC system). Then add relevant keywords related to your industry and your company’s name. Once the ad text is created. Add the url of your landing page in the ad to make sure that web users immediately land on the page where all the relevant info is located.   3. Monitor traffic and evaluate performance Your ad is in place. It’s now time to monitor the results of your campaign. Use the Google Adwords dashboard to collect key statistics like clicks, impressions and cost. Don’t hesitate to create different type of ads and compare their results. Only the number of clicks will tell you which one of your ads is the most effective. We did the job for a client whose ad got displayed 163,000 times and generated 425 clicks. That resulted in  7 media interviews and 2 sales meetings requests. Journalists attended the forum that was advertised on the landing page and downloaded the press kits from there. Boost your tradeshow ROI with PPC, by EASTWEST Public Relations   4. Collect enquiries and follow-up You will soon receive enquiries from you visitors. Be ready and quick to provide with additional info and answers questions.

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