Using Sina Weibo Or The Chinese Twitter As A Not So Fluent Chinese Speaker Part 3

chinese twitterSina Weibo, also known as the Chinese Twitter, is one of the fastest growing social media services in the fastest growing internet market in the world. To be able to reach this market the most effectively and efficiently poses a challenge however – what if you are a not so fluent (or even non-speaking) Chinese speaker? Today we’re going to look at how to join user created groups in China’s most popular microblogging service, Sina Weibo. You should already have an account on Sina Weibo (if not, check out an earlier post on how to make one here) so we’ll jump right into the groups feature. What you’ll need to do first is get to your home page. From there enter in a search term for a group you’d like to join in the top right and hit “搜索” which means “search” in Chinese. From here you’ll be taken to your results. You might be confused at first because you’re not taken directly to a group, so you’ll have to filter your results down to show only groups in your results. To do that click on the button that says “微群” which means “Microblogging groups”.

chinese twitter

You can see from my picture that I searched for "公关" because, well, I work in Public Relations. You might also notice that there are many groups covering that topic. If the topic you search for is general, your results volume might be like mine. Next, you’ll want to join a group or two. To do that, simply click on the button that says "加入群" which means join or you can simply take a look if you want beforehand without joining by clicking on the button below that "先看看" or look first. For me, I’m sure I want to be a part of this group so I’m just going to straight away click on the join group button. Success! You’ve now joined a group on The Chinese Twitter! You’re now one step closer to reaching your target audience and building your online presence on the Chinese Internet’s Sina Weibo. Questions and comments are welcome, as well as requests. Now that you’ve been introduced and should have the basics down, what’s next? Let us know. Miss the last episodes? Check out the first post where we get an introduction to the Chinese Twitter, and the second where we take a more in depth look at the user interface and how create a post. Want to get noticed in China through Sina Weibo or some other means? Drop us a line.

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