Uvouch for it…8900 views in 3 weeks

Uvouch.com features a powerful user-driven search engine that scours the web for the videos and websites. It has a dynamic web 2.0 interface that allows instant addition of videos and website links, which can be organized using type (public or private), tags and categories. With Uvouch.com, users can:

  • Discuss opinions and socialise with other Uvouch.com users.
  • Help others find the best videos by vouching for the ones you like and making recommendations.
  • View other profiles to see what videos and websites like-minded people are viewing and recommending.

EASTWEST latest video for Avnet Technology Solutions was promoted on online video platforms such as Youtube, Veoh and Metacafe but the number of views were not significant. Uvouch.com proved to be an interesting platform where in a matter of three weeks, the video received more than 5000 views and it kept increasing with time. The video has currently more than 8900 views making Uvouch.com an invaluable online tool for video promotion. Learn more about our online video services  

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