Video Blogging – Finding the Perfect Video Host

Finding the correct video hosting site can be a testing task. There are so many out there and if, like me, you have very little previous experience in this feild, it is made even harder. At EASTWEST PR we have recently set up www. on which there are numerous videos with different purposes. The most recent one of these videos involves Jim James Director at EASTWEST PR answering FAQ’s.
When researching for the correct host you quickly find that there are numerous sites, many of which seem to offer great deals. Don’t be so easily fooled! In order to avoid this there are a number of essentials that you must look out for. They include; the storage capacity, whether or not the RSS feed is iTunes compatible, Bandwidth limitations and finally, the price.
Storage capacity is the most important because if the host physically can’t host all the necessary footage than there isn’t any point in paying for it. Simple, no? Not quite. Some video hosts try to fool you by providing you with a yearly storage limit which at first glance is appealing, but when broken into monthly doses its limitations become blindingly obvious.
Secondly, as mentioned you have to make sure that the RSS feed provided by the host site is iTunes compatible. 75% of podcasts / vodcasts or whatever you want to call them are downloaded through iTunes. If you want your work to be noticed, you have to go through them. There are many different figures flying about but it is widely agreed that with iTunes there is a potential audience of over 200 million people worldwide.
The third priority is bandwidth. You need to ensure that the host has the bandwidth to cope with your audience. Some hosts are clever and offer unlimited bandwidth. However, too much traffic is too much traffic. If 100 cars are trying to get down one road at one time there will be a traffic jam. the same is true with host sites. They will let everyone through but it will take a very long time. If your audience is small enough, bandwidth will not be an issue. When your video goes viral however, it may be time for an upgrade.
Finally, it is important to look at the price. I encourage you to look at this last. If you look too early, you may be disheartened and exit straight away without having seen how perfect that video host could have been. An other thing you have to be careful of with price is the strategy they take. As mentioned earlier, often they give you a yearly storage allowance, however, they will then charge you monthly. Please ensure that you are getting good value for money. Do break it down into monthly segments and see what you’re really getting.
On top of these necessities, hosts will offer numerous add ons. Some will be similar and others different. Have a look through them and see what would best suit you. It may be that you find an other necessity.
To view EASTWEST PR’s final products visit us at and give us some feedback.

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