Video Commentary on Social Media

Textual Transcript: What are we doing with social media? Actually we are doing quite a lot. We are trying to help companies understand that social media is not just about the technology – that’s what you see all the time: Flickr, Facebook, and so on. What is really important firstly is the people who are the recipients, so the target market. Always go back to the basics in marketing and PR which is understanding your target market. So you start with analysis, trying to find out who is talking about what and who are the most important people. Once you understand that then you match your message to it. Which is simply trying to come up with ideas and stories, whether they are articles, or a mashup with traditional PR and new PR, where you literally express new information in many ways. Simply because now you can link powerpoint, word documents, videos, slides, etc. fred_socialmedia So the two most important parts are still – understanding your target market and then developing a message that people are actually interested, and letting people talk about it. The message is no longer what you say, a one way street; it is literally about being able to say something and then spreading it out to others and letting them comment without being too defensive and avoiding the eternal ‘no comments’.

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