Visiting Interpol World 2015

Grace and I made our way to Interpol World 2015 last week. Although the event was in its last few hours, the key message of the event was not lost on us, which was apparent by the many sophisticated technologies on display. DSC_0621 Grace is in front with the white bag   Among the booths we visited was Entrust Datacard, who deals with identity-based digital information security. Talking us through their services, a company spokesperson explained that in a nutshell, through user certificate verification, Entrust Datacard safeguards digital identities and enables mobile management, all via the cloud. I had imagined that Interpol World was dedicated to security solutions within networks and software, so imagine my surprise at seeing arms manufacturer Steyr present. On display were several sniper rifles, pistols, and an assault rifle. We merely observed from a distance, while amusedly looking at grown men in office suits gleefully taking photos of themselves handling the arms. Equally outstanding was armoured car manufacturer Streit Group, with its Cobra Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) decked out in its full “battle order”. DSC_0624 Streit Group’s Cobra APC in combat mode   Among all these visually interesting exhibits, however, the one that had the biggest impact on me was but a small point made by Trend Micro – the fact that hacking can now be engaged as a service, with a range of options available to the client. Among these included malware checking, bulletproof hosting, and 24-hour DDOS attacks. More astonishing was how these services could be engaged as a one-off, or on a retainer basis. Like almost everything else, hacking appeared to be a skill in demand, and an entrepreneurial endeavour. DSC_0627 A Trend Micro presentation revealing how hacking services can be purchased   Walking around the booths and observing the different kinds of technology on display gave me a grasp on just how serious the global threat of cybersecurity really was. The only thing in my mind as the event winded down was, what does this mean for the rest of us? People usually view cybersecurity as an issue that corporate entities or enterprises need to manage as part of their IT infrastructure, but the truth is everyone is as vulnerable as a target, so long as your personal details are all in the online domain. I think I need to re-consider using online banking services.

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