Vlogging for Businesses

Video blogging, also known as Vlogging, is a simple, cost-effective way of reaching out to your customers. Unlike a professionally crafted advertisement that is aimed at selling a product, the best vlogs are those that provide a certain amount of free information that you would otherwise need to hire a consultant in order to gain access. So how do you go about creating a Vlog? 1. GETTING THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT: The equipment you use significantly impacts the quality of your Vlog, and sound quality is especially important. If your viewers cannot comprehend what you are saying, then the entire Vlog is a flop. What you should acquire is a reasonable camcorder, microphone, good lighting, and video editing software. Built-in microphones on most camcorders do not pick up sound very well, so it is advisable to get a camcorder that has a mic-in jack in order to attach an external microphone to it. 2. BE AWARE OF YOUR ‘SET’: The background of your video should not be cluttered, instead a clean wall or a sofa will keep the video looking corporate and professional. Another element to keep an eye out for is the framing. The subject should generally keep within the middle of the frame and not be too close-up or far away (refer to pictures below).


3. PLAN YOUR CONTENT: Before you start filming your Vlog, make sure you come up with a specific issue or problem that you want to address, and also prepare a list of questions that you will be answering. This will ensure that your vlog will have a focus and also provides a clear takeaway for your viewers. People tend to digress from a topic when you speak impromptu, and drafting a script or an outline helps you to stay focused on a particular topic. 4. LIMITING YOUR SCREEN TIME: Ideally speaking, you should only give yourself 3 to 5 minutes of screen time, which is the average attention span of a person, and not prolong the video beyond 8 minutes. You should also use a simple video editing software to eliminate any extraneous material such as long pauses. This will help to keep your vlog’s content succinct and also maintain the flow and pace to keep it interesting for your audiences. 5. SEO FOR VIDEOS: Optimizing your video in order to maximize its visibility on the internet is a handy skill to pick up that will definitely prove to be useful. One way to increase the visibility of your video is to choose good keywords and use those keywords as often as possible in your title, caption and description. Youtube also allows you to add tags to your videos which will exponentially create a boost for your SEO. Another way to ensure a higher search engine index is to include a transcript with your vlog as search engines are programmed to pick up text from a website. You should also leverage on your existing social media networks to disseminate the vlog post across multiple channels. At EASTWEST PR, we offer these value-added services to all our retainer clients and seek to make vlogging and vidcasting an essential part of our PR strategy, to ensure that our clients get maximum exposure. For more information, please drop me an email jeremy@eastwestpr.com

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