Watch what you weibo


In light of the Great Firewall of China, companies need to start to think about complementing their Twitter and western social media practices with Chinese equivalents. Sina Weibo, 新浪微博 in Chinese, launched in August 2009, was the Internet phenomenon of China in 2010, reaching 50 million users by the end of October–and is likely fast approaching 100 million users now. (Twitter has more than 200 million users globally.) Twitter and Facebook have been blocked for some time now. Plastered T-Shirt entrepreneur, Dominic Johnson – Hill, shared with me that he has over 4,000 Weibo followers and that it helps him share news about his new T-Shirt designs and events. The Weibo service enables embedding of pictures and video’s which are hosted on the sina blog and photo sites which make it more content rich than the text only Twitter. One community using Weibo are of course the journalists, social critics and potentially loose tongued disgruntled staff. One business owner faced with a high salary demand and implied threats by a local member of staff decided to check Weibo, only to find a string of less than flattering posts. Global clients have always needed local practice, with Sina Weibo there is a local platform which needs to be leveraged and policed. We can help you get noticed in Chinese media | Click here to contact us (reply within 48 hours)

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