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Article written by Charles Yan, Consultant at EASTWEST PR


Charles is back with another informative article about some exciting new features released on the dominant WeChat platform.


On Jan 22nd, TENCENT Company announced WeChat Channels as a new feature on the popular WeChat app.

After over 3 months of gray scale tests, Channels has finally been release to individual accounts.

What are Channels?

Located on the ‘Discover’ page, listed between Moments and Scan, we can find the new Channels logo, which looks like a butterfly and is labeled as – Channels.


Channels are user generated pictures and videos.



Creators can post short videos of under 1 minute or a series of less than 9 pictures. Text content and links to official accounts are not available in the release.

You can post directly to ‘channels’ from mobile devices via the app. 

Channels offers Thumbs, Reply, Share to Moments and share to individuals as viewer interactions to this new content format.


Different from the algorithm generated recommendation mechanisms on Tik-Tok and KuaiShou, Channels is going to empower the social sharing on the WeChat platform. Users can see videos which have been liked by his/her friends.

What’s more?

WeChat recommends Channels randomly to users without  them having to following them. The information is listed separately and in reverse chronological order.


Videos on Channels do not show the progress bar, can’t be paused, fast forwarded or rewound.


Videos are only shown on the feed page, and these is no button or link to click on to access other pages.

For official accounts managers, Channels is nothing but a new opportunity to increase exposure to new viewers and to increase the views of official accounts.


Channels will not only increase video consumption by adding videos into content accounts can provide. But, it will also help attract new followers.

And for Tik-Tok and KuaiShou, Channels is a strong competitor.


What’s the next battle? Who knows. Let’s wait and see.

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