Weibo For Business To Launch New Features

Sina Weibo is one of the most popular social media services in China, used by more than 300 million people at the end of February, 2012. Following the opening of Weibo for Business in June 2011, over 130 thousand companies have registered their Weibo account for digital marketing. At the end of this March, Sina schedules to release a new version of Weibo for Business, which will offer an upgraded video feature – according to a news story from 21CNNews, companies will be able to launch their own social media channels. A report on Chinas social media conveyed by Alexa revealed that the average time that users spend on Weibo is only 15 minutes per day. While most people tend to avoid reading dull About Us paragraphs, vivid videos will undoubtedly become a much more friendly way for companies to get noticed. Weibo’s photo slide-show will be improved alongside the upgrade of video as well. Hyperlinks that lead to the companies’ websites will be available to be inserted with the slide-show. This new change will drive traffic to the companies’ official website with no doubt. In this way it makes easier for companies to increase awareness of their brands. Meanwhile, Sina sets to upgrade some other functions, including the integration of Sina’s e-commerce platform into Weibo. By displaying some product pictures with brief descriptions in the e-commerce platform, the company will be able to attract more attention from potential customers and more clicks to the purchase pages, which can convert into sales. In addition, a comment box is designed to appear on the new version so as to simplify the current two-way communication of Weibo. For those who find it’s inconvenient to type @ people for direct communication, the comment box will help the feedback procedure, for example when reviewing products and customer services.

With the series of new upgrades, you might get worried that your Weibo account will look complicated and messy. Don’t fear, because these features will show up in a well organized side bar on your Weibo home page. That will give your Weibo a succinct yet functional look. Already familiar with the new Sina Weibo for Business? Want to know how it can be used to help your business grow in China or Weibo Services? Leave us a comment or get in touch with EASTWEST. Also you can follow us on Weibo!

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