Weibo Twitter – Sina to Internationalize Weibo

      Weibo Twitter? Sina Weibo Twitter? Hard to guess what is going to be the name of the international interface of the 140 million users Chinese microblog? Even before the launch of the English version of  Sina Weibo (, some non-Chinese speaking celebrities have already jumped on the boat. Tom Cruise, Bill Gates, Rio Ferdinand, Hidetoshi Nakata, and Tracy McGrady are already Weibo-ing in Chinese and English. Since 2009, EASTWEST PR uses Sina Weibo to get its clients noticed in China. “We’re now developing an English-language microblog service, but there is no timetable to launch it,” Said Sina’s Spokesperson Mao Taotao t0 the China Daily. “The service is aimed at overseas users, but we don’t target users from a particular country.” Launched in August of 2009, Weibo has seen immense growth and popularity in China, despite the difficult regulatory environment it needs to navigate. Over the past year, the threat of social unrest and popular uprisings facilitated by online social network tools has prompted tighter controls by the Chinese government and the expulsion of direct competitors, both foreign (such as Twitter and Facebook) and local (such Fanfou). Today, Sina Weibo has more than 140 million users in China, compared to Twitter’s 200 million plus users. Stay tuned to learn how marketers can use Sina Weibo for business. Source: ClickZ.Asia,

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