Why Every Small Business Should Be Using Video Promotion by Bob Cavanaugh

I came across a very interesting article from Bob Cavanaugh as he gives very good insights on the importance for small businesses to adopt the video culture. 2010 has been the year for online videos with businesses around the world adopting this new concept and embracing the efficiency of video promotion. Bob highlights that the use of video favorably influences brand recognition and loyalty by more than three times the rate of online promotions without video. He also points out that in 2009, there were 33.2 billion views of videos made for the internet while in 2007, views of online videos increased 39%; in 2008 views increased by 46% and in 2009, views increased by nearly 124%. These figures can’t be ignored reinforcing the need for video promotion and vlogging in a business marketing strategy. Bob suggests five reasons why every small business should be using video promotion: – First: People are accustomed to getting information via multimedia. -Second: First rule of marketing tells us that people prefer doing business with people they like, trust and know. -Third: You do not need to be a rocket scientist with high end video camera for a video, a cell phone with video recording ability, a video camera or your webcam will suffice. All you need to do is sit down and speak. -Fourth: Society is hooked on reality, people want to look into the eyes of people who are trying to sell them something to decide whether they should trust them. -Finally: Video promotion is versatile, you can use a video for yourself, to explain your products and services or to answer questions. Video promotion and vlogging gives the business stronger credibility and having people within a business coming forward and speak on camera to end users shows confidence and will inspire confidence into the business from the consumers. Is video part of your daily activity? are you interested in video promotion? Please contact us here using this form. Read more on Bob Cavanaugh’s wonderful insight here.

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