Media Relations

Public relations has existed as a professional discipline for nearly 100 years. Some of the tools have changed, but the basic underlying strategy behind a Public Relations campaign is still fundamentally the same. Founded in 1995, EASTWEST has witnessed the industry change over nearly twenty years and has learned what works and what doesn’t. Traditional PR services are at the foundation of any agency and EASTWEST prides itself on its experience there.


EASTWEST is an agency with strong roots in Asia, and our PR services reflect that.  These services are specifically targeted and localized to each market, and have been proven time and again in helping our clients ‘Get Noticed in Asia’ and China. The video below introduces three of EASTWEST’s most popular PR services, including media relations, corporate communication, and media training.


The mainstay of our activity is media relations, maintaining a solid set of relationships with journalists who are interested in our broad portfolio of clients.


Our media relations offerings include:

  • Analyst Relations
  • Client Case Studies
  • Contributed Articles
  • Copywriting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Cause PR & Community Engagement
  • Crisis Communications
  • Editorial Opportunities Pitching
  • Industry Thought Leadership Articles
  • International PR Coordination
  • Interviews (face-to-face, email, phone, or broadcast)
  • Localization & Translation
  • Media & Stakeholder Mapping to Business Targets
  • Media Briefings
  • Media Monitoring
  • Media Training
  • Press Release Distribution (Local and Corporate)
  • Reputation Management
  • Speaking Opportunity Sourcing
  • Surveys and Polls Submissions


At EASTWEST, we constantly track online developments and build our knowledge, technology and systems to deliver the very best results.


Our integrated approach is best when combined with a solid media strategy but in some cases, it can work on its own as well. To get you noticed, we specifically tailor our messages and tools to leverage the interactive and viral nature of online communities. This gives your business the opportunity to reach new audiences who may have great interest but little awareness of your brand or its offerings and turn them into customers.


Our digital offerings include:

  • Social media (Western and Chinese)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Digital training (workshop)
  • Website audit
  • Pay-per-click campaigns (Google adwords, Baidu)
  • Online crisis management
  • Video marketing
  • Website design

Analyst Relations

Analyst relations is a corporate communications and marketing activity in which corporations communicate with ICT industry analysts (also known as research analysts) who work for independent research and consulting firms such as the leading four organizations.


Analyst advice is often used by Fortune 1000 companies and others to determine the best option for major investment in ICT - especially where the deal is complex, changing, costly or critical. Top industry analysts have the power to make or break deals, thanks to their deep-rooted, subscription-based relationships with end-user technology buyers. Some analysts also focus on helping ICT firms to write request for proposal documents. Therefore, the strategy behind an effective Analyst Relations program is known as "influence the influencers".

Corporate & Marketing Communications

Corporate communication is broadly defined as a corporation's attempt to inform or persuade the public, including all its consumers, private investors and the media. Corporate communication represents the very voice with which corporate institutions interact with the outside world and is inclusive of communications regarding investor relations, government relations, labor relations and employee development. Where marketing communication is intended to focus on a particular product or service offered by a company, corporate communication is distinctly focused on news, strategies or opinions of the corporation that makes that product or service.


Marketing communication is created to influence consumers to purchase a particular product or service. Marketing messages are often specifically tailored to particular groups of the consuming public broken down by age, sex and gender. Companies create marketing messages based on the perceived preferences of these groups, or demographics. Marketing messages also vary widely from product to product. Corporations that produce a wide variety of products and services across numerous markets create diverse marketing campaigns across myriad demographics.

Workshops & Trainings

At EastWest PR, the media training is designed to help management:

  • Work effectively with the media to maximise media opportunities and to minimise negative news

The workshop will equip executives with the skills to:

  • Better understand the media and their requirements and what they need to do to communicate effectively with the media
  • Proactively deliver key messages and to articulate business objectives
  • Handle difficult issues and media questions and clarify misconceptions

Workshop Focus
The focus of the workshop is on Content (i.e. what we say and how we package our messages) as well as Delivery (i.e. the process of interfacing with the media). While appearance is important, it is equally important to emphasise the corporation’s key messages that must be conveyed to support its business objectives.