You are wasting time today if you are not using one of these free headline analyzers for your posts

By Jim James,

Founder EASTWEST PR and Host of the SPEAK|pr Podcast

Headlines are powerful. Sometimes, they make all the difference in whether a client clicks on something that talks about you or leads to your website, and this is why it’s necessary that headlines stand out and pique people’s interest. A blank dialog box is one of the most challenging and daunting things any content creator faces, but with the help of technology, you don’t need to come up with these headlines all on your own. There are free headline analyzers available online to help you increase the searchability and engagement of your content. 

Optimise your headline using Sharethrough or CoSchedule

Sharethrough (Photo from Kinsta)

Thanks to The Me Isle’s Joe Warnimont, here are tools that can help you come up with the perfect headline. The first is Sharethrough’s Headline Analyzer. It’s free and easy to use, and the best part is that it doesn’t require any information like a name or email address to use it. It provides great suggestions on headline links, context, alert words, passive language, and it gives an engagement and impression score. It saves the history per session of the different headlines generated too, which is useful for when you need to come back and have a look at all the options. 

Another platform is CoSchedule, and it helps with content scheduling (no surprise there) and coming up with headlines, although one does need to give their name and email address to use the tools. Nevertheless, it’s free, it saves the history, and it provides a total headline score for you to see which words were emotional, powerful, uncommon, and common. It even analyses the words used and categorises these ideas as generic or emotional. It also gives you a look at the trending headlines on search engines and social media along with tips and links. Both Sharethrough and CoSchedule‘s tools are called the Headline Analyzer, and they each have features that make them unique.

Photo from CoSchedule

Using CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, with their word balance feature, it can determine exactly what percentage of words in a headline are common, uncomon, emotional, and powerful. It will tell you if the headline is too wordy and has too many characters or not based on the word and character counts, whether the sentiment of the headline is positive or negative, and if the overall score is not that high, don’t worry, because it offers suggestions on how to improve it. It also gives the headline’s skimability, as most readers will only look at the first and the last three words of a headline. To increase the score, one would then need to pay for some additional features on CoSchedule

With Sharethrough’s Headline Analyzer, contrary to CoSchedule which would give a higher score for a shorter headline, Sharethrough believes that one of the strengths of an optimal headline when it comes to length is that more is better. They believe that longer headlines increase engagement and can tell a better story. It will tell you if you have context words, and it encourages the use of different words to increase brand lift. The recommendations it gives depends on the score, and they suggest creating a context for the reader by including names of brands and places that people can relate with to help bring up engagement and impressions. Their website also has a context guide which can be downloaded for free.

SPEAK|pr talks about the need for content to be both creative and context-sensitive in order for the avatars or the people listening, reading, or watching it to associate with it, because if it’s too generic, then it has no meaning to them, but with a tool like Sharethrough’s or CoSchedule’s  Headline Analyzer, you can come up with refined headlines to get a much better ROI on the time that you spend creating that content. SPEAK|pr lists many tools in its technology-assisted marketing methodology, one of which is the headline analyzer, because when creating content, it’s important that the headline is optimised to make the time you spend worth your while.

This article is based on a transcript from my Podcast SPEAK|pr, you can listen here.

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