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By Jim James, Founder EASTWEST PR and Host of The UnNoticed Podcast.

WebTV takes the television out of your living room and puts it inside your computer, making content available on-demand. Ohio-based Audrey Wiggins runs the Mason Wiggins Media Group (a.k.a., which is an independent WebTV network that helps content producers have their own channels more conveniently. Her platform eliminates the need to get satellite dishes, feeds, and Federal Communications Commission licenses. 

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Creating Her Network

Audrey hosts shows twice a week and simultaneously works as a full-time administrator and a branding and technology consultant. 

One of her programs is “Make Something Happen,” which aims to promote what people are doing. Similar to what The UnNoticed Podcast is all about, it puts the spotlight on deserving figures such as local businesses and entrepreneurs, ministers, and politicians among others. It’s a mix of a showcase and an infomercial, and by the end of each episode, guests can promote their website or any other offering. The second program is “The Audrey Wiggins Show.” It is more into public affairs wherein she features human interest stories. started when Audrey realised that her shows needed to have a platform. From there, things snowballed and grew into what would become a network: She started asking other people to get featured, and people came up to her as well. Though these individuals aren’t well-known, her Internet-hosted network gave her and these people the opportunity to be seen around the world. 

Democratising Communication through Technology

The UnNoticed Podcast showcases how technology is able to democratise communication. Regardless of the size of your audience or your message, you can distribute your own content through technology.

For Audrey, building your own network and streaming from home is practically easy. All you really need is your computer. Even through a tablet or a mobile phone, you can upload and set up a stream. 

As she also offers domain names and other related things through Altogether Marketing, she was able to get her own server. With, she was able to upload content and give people on-demand access to them by simply logging on to the website.

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If you have your own WebTV, you don’t have to compete with other content or have unwanted advertisements. It is also monetisable through affiliate links and pre-roll ads among others. 

Uploading content can also be automated through built-in software. So, for example, even if you have recorded your show on Wednesday, you can schedule it to air on Friday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time. After that, the uploaded content can be accessed on-demand. For, Audrey uses WebTV Solutions. Everything is self-contained in there except for the fact that you have to put it on your own server (in which Audrey’s service can be of help). 

When it comes to licenses, she pays for the $497 package so she can accommodate a number of channels. However, there are also lower-tier licenses worth around $100 that allow you to run one channel. The choice of licensing depends on your goal. You can opt for a low-tier package and upgrade it anytime. 

Growing The Organic Way

When it comes to content, the creation is relatively the easier part — especially for creatives who were simply born to do such things. The more difficult aspect is distributing it and reaching the right audience.

For Audrey, though, the best way to grow is through organic means. Nowadays, people can buy likes and subscribers. However, this does not guarantee engagement. There won’t be follow-up comments, likes, or shares after that one time that you’ve bought them. While building traffic organically will take time — let’s say, you’ll have a starting audience of only five to 30 — you can be sure that these people are really listening to and sharing your content. They are genuinely engaged. And that is worth more than 300 or 3,000 people who do not engage. 

Over time, traffic will grow. What Audrey advises is for you to be consistent in creating content, to know who you’re trying to attract, and to promote persistently. Promoting on the Internet today is not that expensive (You can spend $30 per week for a show). The key is identifying who your audience is and being specific when it comes to demographics.

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Audrey advertises and directly promotes her station. At the same time, she uses other social channels such as Facebook and Twitter to share links directing people to her content on 

Opportunities to Earn

WebTV offers a world of opportunity when it comes to earning revenue. One is the subscription revenue model wherein a user needs to pay, for example, $1.99 a month to access your content. Another is the pay-per-view, which is similar to what broadcasting networks do during major events. 

For, Audrey uses a built-in system to collect earnings. But others shouldn’t be limited to that. If you want to use Patreon or any other network or gateway to receive payments, you can do so. 

She also earns through affiliate links. For instance, she works with entrepreneurs and authors (which ended up to be a good affiliate to sign on to because there, she gets up to thousands of affiliates). She includes their affiliate links not just on her WebTV network but on her newsletters as well. She also uses Amazon affiliate links to further reach wider audiences.

Changing Trends

Over time, different sectors and industries experience different buoyancy because of technology. 

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Today, the real estate and insurance sectors are booming. On the other hand, the beauty and barbering industry seems to be hard-hit. In social media, the audio-driven Clubhouse app, which offers intimacy and newness to users, has exploded recently. As many organisations have started focusing on their internal operations, many opportunities for web design and marketing have also emerged.

However, even if you’re new to your industry or you’re already a veteran, Audrey points out that the important thing is to have that constant need to grow. 

With ingenuity and resourcefulness, you can build your own WebTV channel. But if you’re not that technology-savvy, you can tap Audrey to help you with it all. To learn more about the many services that she provides — from WebTV to marketing consultancy — visit


This article is based on a transcript from my Podcast The UnNoticed, you can listen here.

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