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Last week, I had a coffee with Mike Chinoy, who is the former CNN Beijing Bureau Chief, who is now Vice President and Managing Director – Asia for NewsCertified Exchange, a new service that is proving to be a boon for journalists who require trained experts to offer their valued opinion. The premise of the service is that spokespeople are listed in a database, complete with a profile page, their expertise and a samples of their work, such as video to show that they are able to function in front of a camera lens.   The NewsCertified website

The NewsCertified Exchange website

According to Mike, this service is being called a godsend since it allows a journalist to quickly and easily search for spokespeople by industry and level of media training. For spokespeople who do not have media training, NewsCertified Exchange offers that too. In the olden days, producers would spend hours searching for a spokesperson only to find out at the last minute that the spokesperson lacked media training and was thus unsuitable for being on TV. NewsCertified Exchange hopes to rectify that. For PR agencies, this is a great way to get your client out there for journalists to find. The service offers a way to position clients as experts in their given field. They will be part of a network that is increasingly being used by the top news agencies around the world. As this service becomes more widespread, it might be even detrimental to NOT be part of this network as journalists become more reliant on a service that allows them to quickly and easily find media-savvy experts and spokespeople. The service is free for journalists to use and only the registered experts must pay a nominal yearly fee to be listed. There are currently special deals for those who sign-up now. In the end, the small yearly fee is well worth being a part of a global database that will get your client positioned as an expert in their field all across the globe. Find out more by writing to us at

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