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Our focus

Business to business communication in Asia.

Since 1995 our team has specialised in getting clients noticed in Asia Pacific. Our mission is to add value with every communication.
Our focus is on aligning the messaging of our clients with the opportunities and the audiences they need to talk to in order to grow their business.

Our work

Getting clients noticed

EASTWEST specialises in business to business communications in Asia. Our services include: message workshops, media training, press releases writing, distribution, securing interviews, digital media management, and what we call ‘content centric communications.’

The case studies give a good idea of the work we are doing across the region including China, India, Singapore, Philippines, S. Korea, Thailand.

GKN Twinster

GKN launches Twinster in China with ice drive in Sweden

GKN Driveline, leading automotive engineering company, introduced Twinster to the market in Q1 2019. They…


Becoming A Trusted Partner Through Valuable Insights

Situation Analysis: Malwarebytes, a next generation anti-malware solution company has enjoyed high brand awareness and…


Iceberg launched the game of Oriental Empires in China

Situation Analysis: Iceberg is a Dutch video game publisher with a very interesting title, which…

Our Team

The Agile Agency

From our offices in Singapore and Beijing, we brief and manage professionals and agencies across the range of content creation to production to publishing to measurement. This asset-light flexible Agile Agency model means that we aren’t selling clients the overworked staff on our payroll, but are finding the right person for the project who is motivated to deliver great results wherever they choose to work. Agile team management brings cost efficiencies to clients and leverages the flexible way that more and more people are choosing to work.

Learn More

Learn how to do better marketing in Asia

Marketing communications in Asia requires fresh thinking, some of it from within the region and some from around the world. Here we have curated our own ideas and those of others to guide us all to more cost effective and effective communications.

Learn best practice from marketing experts

We love to learn about best communications practices, and believe that sharing is caring. Subscribe to our newsletter to get more ideas on public relations and digital communications. Feel free to share your marketing tips with us by return.

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